The following milestones have been achieved since January 2011:

  1. Set up of Sofia University Atmospheric Data Archive (SUADA). As of 1.1.2015 archived in SUADA are: 1) over 30 000 000 individual records of GNSS Zenith Total Delay (for 107 stations), 2) Integrated Water Vapour from GNSS (245 100 for 32 stations), radiosonde (6 376 for one station), NWP model (175 000 for 39 grid points) and climate model (23 352 for two grid points). Over 200 000 individual records of Planetary Boundary Layer height.
  2. The SUADA web portal has 15 registered users: 9 from Bulgaria and 6 international from Algeria, Germany, Poland (2), Romania and Turkey.
  3. Case studies for 1) short-term IWV variation during intense precipitation events, hail storms, and fog, 2) long-term IWV variation during 2007 heat wave as well as comparison of regional climate model and ERAInterim with GNSS-derived IWV at station Sofia for 8 year period.
  4. 2D maps of water vapour distribution in Southeast Europe during the 2007 heatwave and intense precipitation on 26-27 June 2012. (extended abstract, and MSc thesis of N. Yordanova ).
  5. Analysis of GNSS water vapour during the 2007 heatwave in Bulgaria (publication by Tzv. Simeonov, K. Vassileva and G. Guerova).
  6. Analysis of GNSS water vapour during the 2003 and 2007 heatwaves in Switzerland and Bulgaria (publication by G. Guerova).
  7. Water vapour intercomparison between radiosonde and GNSS data for the period 2001-20o7 for station Sofia. (BSc thesis of E. Vladimirov).
  8. Use of Numerical Weather Prediction WRF model in operational and research mode. The model is computed on the Physon cluster daily for 72 hour forecast.
  9. Established the Sofia University GNSS Analysis Centre (SUGAC) in collaboration with the Bulipos network and University of Luxembourg and supported by GNSS4SWEC Cost Action. The first SUGAC processing campaign took place in April 2014.
  10. Development of "GNSS Meteorology: Explained”, “GNSS for ionosphere monitoring” and “Soil moisture and GNSS: Explained” videos.