Evgeni Vladimirov

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Personal Data
Project: SUADA (2012-2013)
Function: BSc student
Email: evgeniv@uni-sofia.bg
Thesis: BSc

Research Activities

  1. Long term water vapour intercomparison between the radiosonde and GNSS Meteorology method
  2. Water vapour trends and variability in Southeast Europe

Publications: BSc Thesis

  1. E. Vladimirov, Water vapour intercomparison between radiosonde and GNSS data for the period 2001-2007 for station Sofia, BSc thesis July 2013.

Oral presentations

  1. E. Vladimirov, Tzv. Simeonov and G. Guerova, "Multi - technique comparison of atmospheric water vapour for Sofia, Bulgaria". 22th International symposium Modern technologies, education and professional practice in geodesy and related fields, 9 November 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria.