Aim of the GNSS4SWEC WG3:

  • Collect and inter-compare various reprocessed GNSS tropospheric products,
  • Develop, validate and exchange methods to convert between ZTD and IWV,
  • Detect and mitigate discontinuities in the IWV time series due to changes in equipment,
  • Establish a GNSS climate data record based on existing and reprocessed and homogenised tropospheric products,
  • Inter-compare and quantify reprocessed GNSS tropospheric products witht geodetic, atmospheric in-situ and remote sensing techniques,
  • Evaluate the accuracy of NWP reanalysis products and climate models,
  • Assess relevant diagnostics and indexes for quantifying climate trends and variability,
  • Bring together GNSS data owners, both private and public, on a European scale.

WG3 contribution Bulgaria

WG3 members Bulgaria

GNSS4SWEC official web sites at: 1) KNMI and 2) COST.