The SUADA database makes available ground based measurements of water vapour from 1) various GNSS networks in Bulgaria/Southeast Europe (select GNSS in step 1 below) and 2) RadioSonde data from Bulgaria and selected stations in Europe (select RS in step 1 below). SUADA data can be used for scientific purposes only. To become a user you must first accept the terms for using the database and then fill the registration form.

Please, cite our SUADA paper when using data from this website for your research.

You can download small amounts of data on a trial basis without registration but your query will be restricted to 100 lines.

Step 1: Choose the table from which you would like data. More information on the types of data and sources you can find in our section About SUADA.

Step 2: Choose the period over which you would like data.

Step 3: Choose how you would like to restrict the selection of GNSS data.

Step 4: Select limit to the number of rows your query returns

Step 5: Select the output file format