Aim of the GNSS4SWEC WG2:

  • Create a standardised exchange format, and provide the gradients and slant delays from current networks through a central hub facility,
  • Evaluate and validate the information content of the enhanced, new products provided by WG1,
  • Assess the benefit of multi-GNSS tropospheric products in NWP and for severe weather forecasting,
  • Establish a database with case studies of severe weather events.

WG2 contribution Bulgaria

  • Contribution to GNSS4SWEC severe weather database with fog case studies from Bulgaria,
  • Case studies of fog, hail and convective storms and foehn events,
  • GNSS water vapour compared to Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) forecast for selected convective and frontal cases in 2012.

WG2 members Bulgaria

GNSS4SWEC official web sites at: 1) KNMI and 2) COST.