Last Name, First Name Function Project GNSS4SWEC member
Dr. Guerova, Guergana Associate professor Exploitation of ground-based Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) for Meteorology and Climate studies in Bulgaria/Southeast Europe MC, WG3
Dr. Vassileva, Keranka Associate professor GNSS processing and analysis BeRTISS/WG3
Dr. Simeonov, Tzvetan Now at Gruan Lead Center, DWD GNSS Tropospheric products analysis and processing, SUADA, SUGAC WG1
Dr. Slavchev, Martin PhD student 2D IWV GNSS maps with WRF model simulations for Bulgaria and Greece, BeRTISS/WG4 WG2
Dr. Mircheva, Bilyana Forecaster at Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority Remote sensing the hydrology cycle with the Global Navigation Satellite Systems in South-east Europe WG3
Dr. Stoev, Krasimir Forecaster at NIMH Severe weather and Mediterranean cyclones, BeRTISS/WG4 WG3
Penov, Nikolay PhD student Fog diagnosis and prognosis with GNSS tropospheric products and NWP simulations WG2
Tsalova, Stanislava PhD student Severe weather in Sofia NA
Dr. Stoycheva, Anastasia Forecaster at NIMH GNSS tropospheric products for nowcasting convection and fog WG2
Dr. Manafov, Ilian Forecaster at Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority WRF model simulations, fog forecasting for aviation applications

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Last Name, First Name Function Project
Irinchev, Nikola Programmer MySQL SUADA database developer
Topchiyska, Rositsa Programmer SUADA web designer
Petkova, Petya BSc student GNSS & earthquake monitoring
Vladimirov, Evgeni BSc student Water vapour intercomparison between radiosonde and GNSS data for the period 2001-207 for station Sofia
Yordanova, Nadezhda MSc student 2D maps of water vapour distribution over Bulgaria
Egova, Evgenia MSc student GNSS water vapour tomography
Stoyanov, Stoyan MSc student Planetary Boundary Layer measurements with ceilometer
Dimitrova, Zlatina BSc student GNSS ionosphere video
Petkov, Nikolay BSc student GNSS meteorology
Kleshtanova, Viktoria MSc student Nowcasting
Kabakchieva, Ivanka BSc student Coming soon