Krasimir Stoev

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Personal Data
Postition: PhD student, Forecaster at NIMH
Thesis MSc
National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, 66 Tsarigradsko Shose blvd, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria

Research Interests

  1. Operational weather forecasting & nowcasting
  2. Severe weather and Mediterranean cyclones


  1. Stoev K. and G. Guerova, Climatology of the foehn in Sofia for 1975-2014, International journal of climate, in review 06/2017.

Oral and poster presentations

  1. Stoev K., and G. Guerova, "Typification of the foehn in Sofia for the period 1975-2014", 3nd National Physics Congress, 29/09-2/10/2016, Sofia, Bulgaria. (oral)
  2. Stoev K., M. Popova and G. Guerova, "Typfication and climatology of the foehn in Sofia 1975-2014", 2nd GNSS4SWEC summer school, 29-31/08/2016, Potsdam, Germany. (poster)
  3. Stoev K., M. Slavchev and G. Guerova, "Use of GNSS tropospheric products to study the foehn in Sofia for the 2004, 2008 and 2010", GNSS4SWEC working group meeting, 1-2/09/2016, GFZ, Potsdam, Germany. (oral)