Aim of the GNSS4SWEC WG1:

  • Coordinate the development of advanced tropospheric products in support of weather forecasting (ultra-fast products, asymmetry monitoring, tomography, multi constellation processing, new products),
  • Reprocess and model assessment of consistent tropospheric products for climatology,
  • Exploite numerical weather data in precise GNSS positioning,
  • Support transfer of knowledge, tools and data exchange.

WG1 contribution Bulgaria

  • Establishment of Sofia University GNSS Analysis Centre (SUGAC, 2013),
  • First SUGAC GNSS processing campaign - collaboration with Prof.Norman Teferle, (University of Luxembourg, 2014)
  • Evaluation of IWV from the numerical weather prediction WRF model using data from SUGAC processing campaign (2015-2016).

WG1 members Bulgaria

GNSS4SWEC official web sites at: 1) KNMI and 2) COST.